best foods in Dubai


Emirati cuisine is the dream of every foodie. At your stay in Dubai, you should definitely try every Emirati dish. Your first choice for authentic Emirati cuisine should be local restaurants. This cuisine has perfect balance of spices and nutrients. Emirati dishes are very light on plate. You may have tried Emirati dishes in other countries. But they aren’t completely authentic. Try original cuisine in Dubai. It’ll surely suit your taste. As no one can hate heavenly delicious dishes. Although you can find a good deal of authentic cuisine of other countries but Emirati cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best foods in Dubai.

Authentic Emirati dishes:

Emirati dishes are mostly prepared well-balanced. Most of the dishes are non-vegetarian and made by using red meat, chicken or fish. As the UAE is a Muslim country. You can taste the real deal in many restaurants in Dubai. Shawarma is the most famous middle eastern dish. But the shawarmas you’ve eaten can’t be better than the one you would eat in Dubai. You can eat shawarma almost in every street of Dubai. Shish taw Ouk sandwich isn’t that famous, but it’s very famous among locals of Dubai. It has kind of similar preparation like shawarma.

Al harees is the one of the favorites of locals. It’s mostly served on special occasions. Al harees is basically a porridge with simple ingredients. Basic ingredients of Al harees are meat and wheat. So, it’s surely healthy. The preparation time is longer, so it’s favorable to try it in a restaurant. Next Al machboos is also a must-try food in Dubai. It’s a very fulfilling dish with rice and meat. Al machboos have the perfect spices. If you’re on a healthy diet or don’t eat meat, try Fattoush. It’s a middle eastern version of salad served laventine bread. But it’s ingredients and dressing make this salad much better.


Although there are many delicious dishes in Emirati cuisines. These are some you should really try to get a grip on authentic taste of the best food in Dubai. Apart from being tasty these dishes are rather affordable. In Dubai, famous restaurants for different cuisines are very expensive. But you can try these dishes on very reasonable prices.